The Health at Work sun smart module, Shine aims to create awareness and educate employees, on health and skin care so they understand why, and how to take better care of themselves and others in the heat.

Running over the summer months, and covering a range of health advice, including skin cancer prevention, detection, and intervention, general skin care, plus nutrition, hydration and, exercise tips in the warmer weather; the module has a great variety of informative resources:

  • Sun awareness information sheet that explores the Ultraviolet Index (UV), sun protection and sun burn.
  • A webinar  exploring the balance of obtaining adequate levels of Vitamin D while being sun safe, skin spots and how to do a self skin check, hydration, nutrition and exercise in warmer weather.
  • Sunscreen fact sheet outlining types of sunscreens for different skin types, how much to use, where to apply, re application and correct storage.
  • Skin check guide that shows you what to look for, the steps and frequency of an at home skin check and who to see for a professional check.
  • A sun smart checklist to help you evaluate how sun smart you are and what actions you need to take to better protect your skin.
  • Refreshing and hydrating recipes.
  • A series of short videos on skin cancer awareness, a protective skincare routine, and healthy skin at every age.
  • Plus,  useful additional resources and tools including Sun Smart app and sunscreen calculator, hydration colour chart and links to additional resources for more in-depth reading.

The module can quickly and easily be added to your  Healthy Body & Mind Hub and be complemented with onsite skin checks for a comprehensive employee skin care program.

If you want to shine a light on sun safety and skin health and help educate your employees take better care over the warmer months, please call 1300 245 203  or  submit an enquiry.

Shine Flatlay

Complement this Shine – Sun Awareness Module with our Skin Check Program. With the weather starting to warm up, get in early to secure skin checks for your business. Skin Checks are highly valued as an employee benefit and a great way to encourage employees back into the office.

To help you support your workforce's health and wellbeing, download our complimentary heat stress information flyer.