Educating and inspiring your employees towards positive changes

Leading the way in employee education, we’ve developed over 30 health and wellbeing seminars and workshops that can be tailored to directly address your workplace’s unique demographics, logistics and roles. With content created in conjunction with industry experts and a team of highly qualified, engaging presenters, our experts go where we’re needed most – in office or site settings, development days or conferences.

Topics include:

General/Seasonal Health

  • Fit4Work / Healthy4Life
  • The Effortless Healthy Working Week
  • The Midday Motivator
  • Winter Wellness
  • Surviving the Festive Season
  • S.H.I.N.E. Sun Awareness
    Finances 101
  • Better Backs & Bodies: Ergonomics & Manual Handling

Mental Health

  • Thrive – Stress Management
  • Bounce Back & Beyond – Building Resilience
  • Mastering Resilience
  • Success Not Stress
  • Believe, Achieve, Succeed – Coping with Change
  • Sleep Well & Fight Fatigue
  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Mental Health for Leaders
  • Mindfulness

Men’s Health

  • Top Secret Men’s Business
  • Man Up!

Women’s Health

  • Fit and Fabulous Woman
  • I am Woman

Physical Activity

  • The Express Workout
  • Training for a Fun Run/Walk
  • Exercise in No Time


  • C.H.E.F: Choosing Healthy, Energetic, Foods
  • Sugar: How sweet is it really?
  • Breaking It Down: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • The Truth about Food: What’s really in it
  • The Raw Truth
  • Healthy Eating for the Family


  • Health on the Go: For sales reps, drivers and field staff
  • QUIT Smoking
  • Live Well / Age Well
  • Mastering Resilience: In a call centre
  • Healthy Shift Work