Keep your employees safe, healthy and injury-free

For optimal ergonomics in the workplace, we’ve designed a number of options to help you create a safer environment that reduces the risk of workplace injury and boosts productivity

Our qualified ergonomics practitioners offer education and practical advice for maintaining physical health and posture in the workplace.

  • Quit the Sit Program - Re-energise your employees with stretching minibreaks, conducted either at their desk, workstation or production line during a roaming session. Supported by Stretching Posters and Desk Flip Cards to encourage continued practice.
  • Train the Trainer Course – Delivers theory and practical learning about workstation ergonomics and manual handling assessments. Empower your people with the ergonomic skills to assess your workplace on a regular basis.
  • Workstation Assessments – Conducted by a qualified practitioner this involves the assessment of chairs, desks and ergonomic accessories. The assessor will adjust and modify these as required and will educate on the importance of proper posture in order to maintain physical health & reduce risk of injury.
  • Better Backs & Bodies Seminar – A hands-on seminar focusing on the importance of back care. Conducted by an OT or Ergonomist, it covers posture, back care, anatomy, work station set-up and stretches.
  • Pre and Post Work Stretching –A Poster Series combined with our DVD containing daily pre-work stretching programs. Designed to be conducted by supervisors/team leaders within toolbox meetings, office settings and wherever employees engage in manual labour.

Workplace injury and illness cost Australian businesses an estimated $61.8 billion per year.

Safe Work Australia